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ABAP Prerequisites 

What are the pre-requisites to learn ABAP/4?.  

  • Must have basic computer knowledge.
  • Recent programming experience (within last 5 years) in a 3GL structured programming language or strong technical background with SAP functional experience
  • Experience with common programming constructs, algorithms and computing science concepts (e.g. variables, arrays, loops, branches, record structures, File I/O, relational database design)
  • Technical Degree or Diploma (Computer Science or Electrical Engineering preferred)
  • Solid working knowledge of Windows 95/98/NT
  • Previous software development experience in the design and implementation of GUIs in the Microsoft Windows environment preferred (e.g. Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Delphi, etc.)
  • Database background (SQL, PL/SQL, OpenSQL) or any other embedded SQL related hybrid

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