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(BAPI) Business Programming Application Interfaces 

BAPI's are programming interface to access SAP Database from within SAP or other development platforms external to R/3 that support the Remote Function Call (RFC) protocol. The main objective of BAPI is to achieve integration between the R/3 System and external applications, legacy systems etc.  This gives you the option to have non-SAP front-end for occasional users.  

BAPIs are defined in the Business Object Repository (BOR) as methods of SAP Business Objects or SAP Interface Types and enable object-oriented access to Business Components (application components) in the R/3 System.

BAPIs can be accessed from various programming environments, for example, Java, C++, Visual Basic.

This also allows Web based access to SAP database. 

BAPI is like a Function module. BAPIs used for outbound processing.
Transaction code to list all BAPI's: BAPI

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