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Benefit Implementation Plan (by Sarah Whitaker)

Objectives for Benefits Implementation

  • Implement benefits in SAP to support Open Enrollment for plan year YYYY for employees joining company on January 1, YYYY

  • Use SAP as the benefits administration system beginning January 1, YYYY

  • Provide interfaces to benefit providers

  • Have benefit deductions be fully integrated with payroll

  • Allow employees to enroll via the web

Functional Scope

The following table outlines the exact functionality planned for the benefits system in SAP. 

Functionality  Description

Data Processed

  • Support Open Enrollment beginning with plan year 2002

  • Record employee benefit enrollment selections and changes in selections

  • Automates eligibility determination

  • Determines employee costs & contributions

  • Provides central database of employee benefit data & history

·     Plan Types

·     Eligibility Rules

·     Plan Enrollments

·     Employee Deductions

  Make assumption:  Benefit claims to be processed in-house or by third party administrators.

Objectives for Benefits Implementation

Scope of Abap Development   



Initial Data Load

Certain employee master data will be required to be loaded in SAP in order to support benefits open enrollment for 2000.  It is anticipated that this load program will be the same program used to load all required employee master data.


Worksheet for Open Enrollment

If client will be using SAP to print the worksheets, a custom program will need to be developed.


Interface from SAP to Benefit Providers

If the benefit providers require data to be transmitted in an electronic format, then these interfaces will need to be developed based on the provider’s layout specifications.


Customized Benefit Reports

It is assumed that client will use the standard SAP-provided reports and ABAP Query for its reporting needs.  As part of this proposal, there are no customized reports included.  Client will be responsible for developing any customized reports.  


Benefit Enhancements

Standard SAP functionality, process flows, screens, and infotypes will be used by Client.  Therefore, in an effort to hold down costs, no enhancements are planned.  Any enhancements will be consider a scope change and may impact the resources required, implementation timeline, and cost. 

High-Level Work Plan   

Task / Deliverable


Design and Configuration


Review initial benefits blueprint


Specify development requirements


Finalize benefit information


Document final benefits information


Configure benefits information


Test and finalize benefits configuration

Design and Configuration Sub-Total




Design initial interfaces to providers


Design routine interfaces to providers


Validate employee data to be loaded


Load and validate employee data

Technical Sub-Total


Open Enrollment


Design enrollment worksheet


Print enrollment worksheets


Mail enrollment worksheets


Begin Open Enrollment


Production Support during Open Enrollment


Close Open Enrollment


Open Enrollment Sub-Total




  • Estimate depending on the number/ complexity of interfaces required.  

  • The employee data may have been already load to support Expense Reimbursement as part of the MMDDYY Go Live.  If so, this task may be eliminated.

Dependent tasks for Benefits

This plan assumes that these tasks have already been captured as part of implementation efforts.  The time estimates have not been taken into consideration as part of this plan.

·        Creation of the Employee Master Data Conversion Program

·        Installation of the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) and ESS components to support the benefits via ESS 

Subsequent Tasks required

After Open Enrollment, there are several tasks that need to be performed in order to meet a January 1st go-live date.  These tasks include:

·        Send initial interface file to Benefit Providers after open enrollment

·        Identify data changes between October and January

·        Update data changes (manually/automated) in SAP

Approach and Timeline

Task Name Start date Finish Date
Review Original Blueprint MM/DD/YY MM/DD/YY
Interface Development MM/DD/YY MM/DD/YY


·        Client will have finalized benefits data for providers, plans, costs, eligibility rules, and any other required benefits data by MMDDYY.  Any delay could result in a delay in processing open enrollment.

·        Client will provide a full-time internal resource to document the detail benefits data required for configuration that is missing from the Business Blueprint documentation.

·        Client will be responsible identifying all employees that need to be included in the YYYY Benefits Open Enrollment and collecting this data by the planned load date.

·        Client will be responsible for manually making any updates to employee master data that changes from MMDDYY  to  MMDDYY.

·        Client will develop all the detail testing scenarios and expected data necessary to validate the benefits functionality.

·        Scope will not differ from the scope in this document and any additions will be handled through a scope change process with additional resources if necessary.

·         No customizations of the code will be allowed.

·        No historical benefits data will be converted except that needed to support Open Enrollment for YYYY.

Technical Questions to be Answered 

·        what is the effective hire date that should be displayed on infotype 0001? 

·        Will Open Enrollment worksheets have to be printed for these employees?  Will this data come from the SAP database?  Do we need to build/create/print enrollment worksheets out of SAP?  When do these worksheets need to be received by employees? 

·        Between the close of Open Enrollment (MMDDYY) and 31st December YY, how will changes in enrollment selections for 2001 be processed?  Will this data be processed in SAP as changes occur throughout this period, or all at one time before the January 1, YYYY cutover?  How will these changes be communicated to the benefits providers? 

·        How will web access be granted to employees?  What user logon security measures are required?  How will internet connectivity be setup?  Examples: 1) a public URL internet address for all users requiring a user name and password, 2) an intranet (company-to-company, designated-servers-only) approach, etc. 


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