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Benefits - Flexible spending
  (by Susan Robinson)


IT171 – General Benefit Data

Benefit eligibility is based on employee sub group assignment and either full time or part time.  Most often employees are in the same benefit group as their employee sub group, however, occasionally, this may differ.  For instance if an employee works as a part time clerical and a part time ST, they may receive benefits based on clerical full time. 

How an employee is treated for benefit purposes is found on IT171 – General Benefits Data.  Every employee with benefits, must first have IT171.  Following is an example. 

E g. of  list of employees in the following benefit groups, are eligible for the benefits listed below:

Benefit Group  Eligible Benefits
Regular employees BCBS Medical, BCBS Dental, Prescription Drugs, Basic Life Insurance, LTD, 
Temporary employees Supplemental Life Insurance, STD

All staff benefit groups have an employee status on IT171 of either FULL or PART, depending upon whether they are a full-time employee or part-time employee.  Regular and Temporary 12 month faculty have an employee status of full.

IT35, Subtype AB – Benefit Salary

The benefit salary on IT35 is required in order for the system to accurately calculate flex credits and premium costs for those benefits that are based on salary (i.e. life insurance, LTD, STD and flex credits associated with these benefit plans).  The effective date on the benefit salary must cover the benefit plan year, at least.  Generally, they are entered with a 12/31/9999 end date so they are in effect until the next salary change.  

Infotype IT14

Flexible Spending Accounts 

Certain employees has the option of having a flexible spending account.  These are maintained on IT14 (the per pay amount) with the annual election on IT15.  Sampe wage types used for FSAs:

 IT14 – Recurring Payments/Deds.

  • ZFS1 – Dependent Care per pay amount

  • ZFS2 – Health Care per pay amount

 IT15 - Additional Payments

  • ZFS3 – Dependent Care annual election

  • ZFS4 – Health Care annual election

 Tax Deferred Investment IT14 and IT165:

Employees have the option of participating in tax deferred investments.  They can defer a set percentage or a flat dollar amount on a per pay basis.  The per pay information is located on IT14, Recurring Payments/Deds.  The following wage types are used: 

  • ZFS4 – Fidelity $ deferral

  • ZFS5 – Fidelity % deferral

Each employee also has a maximum amount that can be deferred in a calendar year.  The maximum is located on Deduction Limits, IT165 as shown below. 




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