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Benefit processing in SAP (by Michelle)

This document provides a general guideline for benefits procedures and is meant to be a “rule of thumb” document on where to begin benefits processing. 

Personnel Actions (Human Resources > Personnel Management > Administration > Personnel Actions or Transaction PA40) 

Benefits Hire/Rehire: Use this action after an employee has been (re-)entered into SAP by personnel. If the employee has one or less dependents that need to be entered, you may proceed to enrollment from the Adjustment Reasons Infotype. Otherwise, you will need to add additional dependents via Maintain Master Data before enrollment.

Benefits Term/Retire: Use this action for an employee that is terminating or retiring. Once you complete the action, go to the Benefits Termination transaction (below) to terminate the employee’s benefit plans.

Benefits Dependents Create: Use this action for any qualifying event that includes adding a dependent. Examples include birth of a child, adoption, marriage, etc. 

Benefits Dependents Change: Use this action for any qualifying event that involves changing or removing an existing dependent. Examples include divorce, death of dependent, loss of student status, etc. 

Benefits Trnsfr/Position Chnge: Use this action when an employee goes from part-time to full-time, full-time to part-time, or when a position change will affect the employee’s benefit elections. 

Benefits LOA: Use this action only when a leave of absence affects the employee’s benefit elections. 

Benefits Return from LOA: Use this action only if the return from leave affects the employee’s benefit elections. In general, this action should only be necessary for those employees who have experienced the Benefits LOA action above.

Maintain Master Data (Human Resources > Personnel Management > Administration > Maintain Master Data or Transaction PA30)

This transaction should only be used when personnel actions or other benefits transactions cannot be used to accomplish changes to an employee’s master data. It should primarily be used to copy master data ( to maintain history) or to change master data ( to correct wrongly entered data). One example would be correcting a dependent’s date of birth due to a prior keying error. In this case the Change button would be used on the correct dependent record on the Family/Related Person infotype.

Display Master Data (Human Resources > Personnel Management > Administration > Display Master Data or Transaction PA20)

Use this transaction to view an employee’s master data. For example, if you wanted to make sure you enrolled a person in all the health plans, you could display the employee’s master data on the Health Plans Infotype. There is no danger of altering data in this transaction.

Benefits Enrollment (Human Resources > Personnel Management > Benefits > Enrollment or Transaction HRBEN0001)

Use this transaction to enroll an employee into benefits or to change an employee’s existing benefits. It can also be used to terminate plans, however if you are terminating multiple plans, it is easier to use the Benefits Termination transaction (below).

Benefits Termination (Human Resources > Personnel Management > Benefits > Termination or Transaction HRBEN0014)

Use this transaction to terminate an employee’s benefit plans; mostly used for an employee who is terminating employment with the company.


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