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Logging on to the ESS System 

1.      To Connect to ESS, start your Internet browser and enter your companies ESS web address, for eg. type in the following address:  (some companies use address starting with httpS and not http).   You may use any computer with Internet Explorer (version 4.0 - 5.0 - Note: IE 5.5 will not work at this time) or Netscape Navigator (version 4.06 or higher).

2.      A security alert message appears on the screen confirming you are using a secure connection, click the OK button.

3.      Logon screen will appear prompting you to::
Enter Network User Id: ABC123
Password: 100000
For first time users, you will be prompted to change your password immediately.

Passwords must use at least 3 but no more than 8 characters, can use any combination of alphanumeric characters, can not begin with ?,  !, space, three identical characters or any sequence of three characters contained in your user ID.   Do not use pass or init or SAP* as your password.  Passwords are not case sensitive.

 Resolving Problems 

If you have trouble logging on to ESS (which includes forgetting your password) please contact the SAP Help Desk.   


ESS will work with your company's standard web browser.  You should be able to logon from home or any other remote location. 

Expect response times between 3 and 15 seconds to load the screens.  Response times could be much slower during heavy usage periods such as early morning, lunch time, and end of the day.   If you are experiencing slow response times, please try your session again at another time.   Response times may be slower from your home PC.  


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