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ESS (Employee Self Service) 

Employee Self Service (ESS) Applications allow employees to view benefits, update personal information, submit time cards, make vacation requests, and request travel expense reimbursement from their Web browsers. The ESS Applications free human resources staff to deal with more complex tasks, but do not require training and supporting employees on a specialized application.

ESS is an effective means for providing real-time access and data maintenance capabilities to the source or owner of the data. It has the ability to offload much of the data entry and related customer service activities that may be typically performed in an organization's human resources, payroll, benefits and purchasing departments.


These departments are freed up from many of the routine, day-to-day processing functions. Instead, resources can be assigned to activities that are more critical to your organization's success. Overall, service levels and efficiency increase and costs per transaction can be drastically reduced. The return on investment is significant.

No SAP training required

With SAP ESS, employees can maintain their own data and can access their information without having SAP training or core SAP applications on their desktops. Because there's no "dummy database" or batch update, employees have access to the most up-to-date, accurate data on record. And, there are none of the out-of-sync situations that can occur with third party, "bolted on" ESS solutions.

Inherently international

Because SAP™ R/3™ architecture is inherently international, with unsurpassed language and currency management capabilities, SAP ESS is also inherently international. It takes full advantage of SAP R/3 global capabilities, including country localization and all SAP supported language and currency management facilities.

Accessible, up-to-date information

Employees can access and change any of the following data and have it reflected immediately in the database:

Personal Information

  • Review and update address, dependent information and emergency contacts.
  • Change tax filing status, number of exemptions and withholding information.
  • Add or update bank information for direct deposit and expense reimbursement.

Benefits Enrollment and Inquiry

  • Review current benefits elections.
  • Enroll in new benefit elections during your organization’s open enrollment period.

New Hires

  • Establish new hire address, dependents, emergency contact, tax filing and banking information with ease.

Time Reporting

  • Enter hours worked.
  • Account for time based on type of absence or attendance.
  • Submit corrections.
  • Allocate time to multiple projects.
  • Request time off.
  • View accrued leave balances.

Training Overview and Enrollment

  • View training history.
  • Search for classes based on topic, text, language and location.
  • View class calendar and details.
  • Enroll in classes or cancel participation in classes.
  • Pre-book classes that are not yet scheduled.

Employment and Salary Verification

  • Request verification of employment.
  • Provide position, start date and earnings information to authorized third parties.

Organization Directory

  • Look up employee information including name, contact data, office location, title, etc.

Paycheck Inquiry

  • Display and print pay stub information for each pay period,including gross pay, taxes, other deductions and net pay, with pay period and year-to-date totals.

Applicant Management

  • External applicants can complete a job application and check on the

Purchase Requisition

  • Create, change, display, review and release purchase requisitions. Travel and Expense
  • Enter, submit and review travel expenses.

Password Maintenance

  • Choose and maintain passwords.

Unsurpassed experience and functionality

Many vendors talk about self-service applications, yet few have matched our experience and functionality.

SAP Employee Self-Service provides you with:

  • Extensive functionality beyond basic human resources functionality, including travel management and purchasing.
  • Inherent integration between SAP™ R/3™ business applications, ESS and workflow.
  • ESS functionality that leverages the strengths of the underlying SAP infrastructure.
  • Unsurpassed global capabilities.
  • A proven track record for continuous evolution and new functionality.
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