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Information on this list is provided by various SAP consultants and other sources. This list is just for information and not to encourage business of any sort.  To add or delete names please
email us at

Client name


Chevron San Ramon, California 
Flour Daniel LA, California
Intel Sacramento, CA
Exxon/Mobil Houston, Texas
Enron Houston, Texas
Pennzoil Houston, Texas
Schlumberger Houston, Texas
Baker Hughes Houston, Texas
Shell Houston, Texas
BP/Amoco Houston, Texas
Halliburton Houston, Texas
Compaq Houston, Texas
International Papers Memphis, Tennesse
Saralee Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Hoechst Celanese Charlotte, North Carolina
Nuclear Management Company (NMC) Hudson, Wisconsin
Procter & Gamble Cincinati, Ohio
Bristol Myers Squibb New Jersey
Petrobras Brazil
Nokia Dallas, Texas / Finland
Conoco Houston, Texas / Malaysia
Centre-re Insurance Hamilton, Bermuda / New York
BHEL India

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