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Useful Links
RFC Tutorial   
RFC Extension for Perl5 
3. tcl/tk extensions to work with SAP RFCs   
4. SAP - SQLServer to RFC Interface       by Manish Shah

  • Initiate SAP RFC call from SQLServer
  • Develop SAP ABAP RFC module that can be called by custom application (Client) developed in C or VB from SQLServer
  • Advantages
    • Short Development time
    • Low Development Cost
  • Disadvantages
    • Development of SQLServer Client in C or VB
    • Maintenance of C or VB Programs 


RFC call initiated from ABAP with
Destination = ‘SQLAPPL1”

SAP - SM59
Configure SQLAPPL1 destination

Interface Program
Calls “StoreProcedure1”
‘StoreProcedure1”  selects data from SQLServer database
  • Initiate RFC call from SAP to SQLServer
  • Develop RFC Server application in C or VB on SAP Server and SQLServer Store Procedure.
  • SAP ABAP will call RFC Interface Program which calls the SQLServer Store Procedure using ODBC
  • Advantages

Low Maintenance on SQLServer

Schedule and Monitor the process in SAP

  • Disadvantages

Development of RFC Server application in C or VB.

































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