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Time Evaluation process

  1. Check for Completed and Approved Time Sheets (CAPS):  The Time Evaluation process begins after all employees have entered time and supervisor has approved it. This can be done using transaction CAPS. 

    Important Note: When you use the transaction CAPS to approve time, you will be locking the employee records from any changes (i.e. no one else can make changes, enter time, approve time, etc., while you are in this transaction).  Therefore, to reduce the number of locked records and improve system performance, perform this step by cost center instead of for the entire personnel area.  Once finished, you may then run the transaction for the entire personnel area to validate completeness.

    Use Menu Path: Time Management> Time Processing> CAPS-Check for Completed/ Approved Time Sheets.


  2. Transfer Time (CATA): The Transfer Time step take time data that has been entered on the time sheet and moves it to the HR and Controlling databases for further processing (i.e. payroll cannot be processed unless this step is performed correctly).  The system transfers time data automatically to HR when time has been approved by the either supervisor or CSR.  A batch program that runs nightly will transfer time data to Controlling for further processing.

    Although this is an automatic process, there are situations where the initial transfer can fail and the time will need to be transferred manually (for example, if the employee record was locked by another user).  Therefore, as a matter of precaution, always execute this step before you perform the “Review Time Data” step.

    Use Menu Path: Time Management> Time Processing> CATA Transfer Time


  3. Review Time Data: Once the time sheets have been entered, approved and transferred to the HR database, the final step is the validate that the time data has been correctly entered.  Check for overtime, public holidays etc. If any check fails, you will have to correct and re-approve (via CAPS) the employee’s time sheet, transfer the time (CATA) and then review the entries again.

    Use Menu Path: Time Management> Time Processing> S_AHR_61018659 – Review Time Data.


  4. Run TIME Evaluation (RPTIME00) for pay period (PT60)


  5. Check Time Evaluation Messages

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