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BDC (Batch Data Commands) 

What is BDC or batch input

The Batch Input is a SAP technic that allows automating the input in transactions. It lies on a BDC  (Batch Data Commands) scenario.  

BDC functions:

·         BDC_OPEN_GROUP : Opens a session group

·         BDC_CLOSE_GROUP : Closes a session

·         BDC_INSERT : Insert a BDC scenario in the session

·         The ABAP statement "CALL TRANSACTION" is also called to run directly a transaction from its BDC table.

It runs the program RSBDCSUB in order to launch automatically the session. The session management is done through the transaction code SM35.

The object itself is maintanable through the transaction SE24.

BDC methods:





Opens a session

SUBRC (Return Code – 0 OK)

SESSIONNAME (Session to be created)


Closes a session



Resets the BDC Internal Table...

None. Normally, for internal purpose…


Handles a new screen

PROGNAME (Name of the program)

DYNPRONR (Screen Number)


Puts a value on the screen

FIELDNAME (Name of the field)

FIELDVALUE (Value to be passed)


Constructor - Initializes NO_DATA

NODATA (No data character). The constructor is called automatically when the object is created.


Launches a session with RSBDCBTC



Calls a transaction with the current BDC Data

MODE (Display Mode)

UPDATE (Update Mode)

TCODE (Transaction to be called)


Inserts the BDC scenario in the session

TCODE (Transaction to be called)


 BDC techniques used in programs:

1)      Building a BDC table and calling a transaction,

2)      Building a session and a set of BDC scenarios and keeping the session available in SM35,

3)      Building a session and lauching the transaction right after closing the session.

















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