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.  All about EDI  Prabha Jha

.  GENERAL OVERVIEW below:  Ravindra  Raul


The Message Control determines the output medium and the processing time. The IDoc interface then controls the creation of the IDOC and its formatting by the ALE service.

Condition Components:

Decides the output type to be proposed for the application document. Depending on the condition components, user need to set the message control tables.

IDOC Interface (Outbound) :

The settings need to be done before the IDOC can be created and sent out.

Sending the delivery note via IDOC Interface:

The process shows the steps involved in creating the outbound IDOC for delivery note.



System receives an IDOC via a port determined by the sending system.


IDOC Interface (Inbound) :

The following areas need to be maintained in order to receive the inbound IDOC.



Receiving the shipment confirmation (945) via IDOC Interface:

The process shows the steps involved in receiving the IDOC for shipment confirmation.
































































































































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