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SAP Hardware Platforms

The SAP R/2 system that was released in 1979 runs on mainframes like IBM, BS 2000 ( Seimens machines ) or Amdahl. The next version, SAP R/3 client/server software system has been designed for open systems like UNIX. SAP has established a partnership with IBM which provides a wide choice of servers, operating systems and databases for implementing R/3. These servers provide scalability, performance, high availability and investment protection needed to support a successful R/3 implementation. Some of IBM's server and database offerings include:

RS/6000 for UNIX , AS/400 Advanced Series for integrated server and database platform, PC servers for reliable Microsoft NT solutions, S/390 database servers and DB2 family for database support. IBM Netfinity 7000 and IBM PC Server 330 and 704 provide the reliable foundation you need for SAP R/3 applications for Microsoft NT. The platforms offered by IBM provide latest Pentium Pro technology, Ultra fast throughput, Storage flexibility and upgradable system components.

SAP R/3 runs on a variety of databases such as Oracle, Informix, Online, ADABAS-A, DB2 for Unix, DB/400, Microsoft SQL Server 6 and on an experimental version on DB2 for MVS.

SAP R/3 is based on various hardware and software architectures. It scales very well on SMP systems and MPP architectures. The latest version of R 4.1 which is still in the developmental stage provides the Internet compatible business application package.

Hardware Partners

Since there are so many different platforms available in today's market, compatibility between SAP and the customer's platform, Hardware partners play a very important role. Hardware partners are leading hardware vendors who provide the computing hardware necessary to meet a customer's system requirements. Working with both SAP and customers, hardware partners continually develop and optimize products to meet the running business applications with SAP software. Hardware partners have developed organizations to provide strong SAP support, from product selection to system set-up, installation and ongoing performance tuning.

Some of the hardware partners are Amdahl, IBM, Bull, NCR, Compaq, NEC, Data General, Sequent, Dell, Tandem, Digital, Siemens Nixdorf, Fujitsu, Sun, Hewlett-Packard, Sun, Unisys, Hitachi and Intergraph.

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