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Procedure Title Procedure Number
How to Process a Request for Registration of Changes to SAP Objects SU-SECU-PRO300300

 Priority: High Confidential Level: Operations Support Support/Escalation Level: Tech Team/3

1. Purpose

This procedure explains how to process a request for registration of changes to SAP objects.

2. Actions - How to Process a Request for Registration of SAP Objects Changes

a) The request must come from one of the following managers or team leaders, and must be sent to

Elizabeth Rabet Vallerie      Parrish-Porter

Latief Lehardi                     Candy Crist

Manoj Nair                         Murli Challappa

Simon Mansbridge              Donna Barrett

Rob Salsman                       Tim Taylor

NOTE: As team leaders are added or removed, their names will be added to the source document in the Technical Team Documentation Web page.

If the request is not from an approved team leader or manager, please return the request to the requestor with instructions on going through the team leader.

b) If the request is not sent to, please forward the message to the requestor and copy At the top of the message body, add the following information:

"All requests to register a change to a SAP object must be sent to This message is being forwarded to as a courtesy. Please send all future requests to Following this procedure will speed up the process of getting the object change key created."

c) A request for Registration of Changes to SAP Objects (an object change key) requires the following information:

Requestor: ____________________________

Requestor UserID: _____________

Team Leader UserID: _____________

Name of person for whom object key is being requested: ___________________

System: _________ (DG1, IC1, etc.)

Program ID: _________________ (R3TR, LIMU, etc.)

Object Type: __________ (PROG, FUGR, etc.)

Object Name: _____________________________________

Reason: _____________________________________



Remedy ticket: ________________ (optional)

If any information (other than optional) is missing, please return the request to the requestor with instructions on the information required.

3. Actions - OSS Procedure for Registering a Change to SAP Objects

a) To call the SSCR functions, select Registration > Registration SSCR in the OSS inbox. The following pushbuttons appear:

Register developer

Register Objects

Developers registered by me

Objects registered by me

b) Follow these steps to register a change to an object:

  1. Click the pushbutton Register Objects. In the screen that appears, double click the installation for which the object shall be registered. For R/3 releases 3.0B and higher, select System > Status from the menu to find the installation number of your R/3 System.
  2. In the entry field SAP release, enter the applicable R/3 Release. Up to and including Release 3.1, there is no difference in keys. To avoid having to enter the release number for every release, ensure that the release field in the OSS can be pre-allocated. To define the default value, select the menu path System > User profile > User parameters. In the PID entry field, entry "SRL" . In the Parameter value field, enter the maintenance level, for example 3.0D.
  3. If the object is an advance correction, flag the field Advance correction. Advance corrections are corrections that SAP delivers (for example in notes) and which are integrated in higher maintenance levels. If you set the flag, the system displays an overview of all modifications that you must include in the next upgrade.
  4. Click the pushbutton Register. The key for the system appears.

c) If you also wish to register a developer, click the pushbutton Developer.

d) Click the pushbutton Delete to set a deletion indicator for the requested key.

Latest Revision History :

Rev No. Effective Date Prepared by Reviewed by Sherpa/BDMS # Approved by
#01 7.28.98 S. Simons R. Johns D000906
Description: First Release

Problem Checklist :

Problem Description Possible Problem Solution Escalation
any step fails or a system message indicates failure #3

Escalation Contacts

  • #1 Senior Operator on Duty
  • #2 Operation Support
  • #3 Technical Team
  • #4 Omnes

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