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Manager's Desktop 

Manager's Desktop extends the power of SAP HR to all managers throughout your organization. Going beyond the routine transaction processing capabilities of manager self-service, Manager's Desktop enables your managers to perform strategic analysis and workforce management activities using an intuitive, graphical front-end. Manager's Desktop brings together all the human resources information and controls needed by managers on a daily basis, streamlining many routine human resources-related functions

Manager's Desktop includes not only managerial functions related to day-to-day administration, such as signing off on an expense report, but also meaningful managerial analyses and transactions, including salary changes, merit increases, employee transfers, reorganizations and bonus planning. Manager's Desktop also provides powerful planning and modeling capabilities so managers can assess the effect of changes on their organization before initiating transactions.

Manager's Desktop takes full advantage of workflow. Because SAP HR drives workflow, and Manager's Desktop is fully integrated with SAP HR, Manager's Desktop transactions are inherently workflow-enabled. This ensures that all transactions are routed to the appropriate individuals in your organization for approval, without additional intervention or maintenance.

Manager's Desktop is delivered with an array of functionality for the line manager, including:

  • Easy reorganization
  • Access to standard and ad hoc capabilities
  • Workflow inbox for transaction approval and routing
  • Lists of vacant positions
  • Headcount planning
  • Cost center reports, including planned vs. actual comparisons and quarter-to-date analyses

In addition, users can choose to add reports and functions to the Manager's Desktop to support company or departmental requirements, and even add favorite Web sites. And, managers have the option of customizing their own screens, selecting functions that are most applicable to them.

More than simply administrative, Manager's Desktop goes well beyond traditional employee self-service functionality. Manager's Desktop enables your managers to more effectively access and manage the information that helps them manage their workforce to meet your organization's objectives.

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