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HR ABAP Programming

What is ABAP/4?
Advanced Business Application Programming.ABAP is SAP's fourth generation language. All of R/3's applications and even parts of its basic system are developed in ABAP. ABAP is used for customization and modification of SAP applications. 

Pre-requisites to learn ABAP/4...?

How to get training in ABAP/4...?

How to get Certified in ABAP/4...?


Tools for Abapers.  
Transactions  (
Development and Workbench)
ABAP Keywords  
ABAP System fields (Structure SYST)
ABAP Sample Report

ABAP Links
ABAP Source  ABAP/4 information and SAP technical documentation. A lot of useful reports, interesting samples and free souce code.
SAP Hints and Tips on Configuration and Abap/4   Modules are Material Management, Production Planning, Sales/Distribution, Financial, Controlling and Basis Components


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