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PD ( Planning and Development) 

Organizational Units:  describe the different business areas within your company. Org. Units must exist in a company organization structure and be linked to one another in order to create a hierarchical structure for your company and a link between the objects. Use transaction PP02 to create Org.Units. Object type 'O'. Following is a three level hierarchy. Table HRP1000. One Org. Unit can be related to another Org. Unit. 

Human Resources

Benefit Admn.




Jobs: A job is the general classification for a set of tasks. Eg. manager, customer service representative. Each Job identifies a unique classification of activity. Employees hold positions and not Jobs. Jobs are linked to Positions, which are held by employees. Equal number of positions should be created for each Job. Use transaction PP02 to create Org.Units. Object type 'C'. Table HRP1000.

Positions:  are specific jobs performed by individuals in a company. Each position is occupied by one employee. Eg. HR Manager. Positions not assigned to employees are known as vacancies.One Position can be assigned to more than one person. Eg. the first employee may work 50% and the other will work the remainder 50%. Position belongs to a Job which describes the Position. Use transaction PP02 to create Org.Units. Object type 'S'. Table HRP1000.  


HR Manager 

Accounting Manager

Relationship between objects: Table HRP1001. Transaction PP02 (Infotype 1001)

Cost Center  =>  Org. Unit  =>   Position   =>   Job

Object  Relationship  Description Target Object
Org. Unit (O) A002 Reports (line) to Org. Unit (O)
Org. Unit (O) B002 Is line supervisor of Org. Unit (O)
Position (S) A002 Reports (line) to Position  (O)
Position (S) B002 Is line supervisor of Position  (O)
Job (C)  A007 Describes Position  (O)
Position (S) B007 Is described by Job (C)
Position (S) A003 Belongs to Org. Unit (O)
Org. Unit (O) B003 Incorporates  Position  (S)
Org. Unit (O) A011 Cost Center  Cost center (K)

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