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SD - Sales & Distribution

Sales and Distribution helps to optimize all the tasks and activities carried out in sales, delivery and billing. Key elements are; pre-sales support, inquiry processing, quotation processing, sales order processing, delivery processing, billing and sales information system.

The sales logistics business process scenario in R/3 allows users to manage sales and distribution activities in an effective manner. The business processes include scenarios for sales, shipping, billing, sales support, and sales information. With real time, on line access to sales information, such tasks as order entry, delivery, and billing are all streamlined. In addition, sales and distribution can be integrated with procurement and production planning, improving turnaround time up and down the value chain. The sales function in R/3 utilizes a configurator to select configured products as well as a "conditions" program to manage complex pricing scenarios. The sales order process sends requirements to manufacturing. The R/3 system uses a technology, called Application Linking and Enabling (ALE), to implement distributed solutions such as decentralized shipping. In this approach, special types of business information documents, called Intermediate Documents or IDOCs, are automatically transmitted between communicating systems. This database is used by R/3 to automatically generate the IDOCs used in communicating between the host and remote systems. In the recent years, many of SAP's customers have found that the integration of sales and distribution applications in R/3's logistics chain has improved the performance of their companies.

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