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Payroll functionality

Payroll Hours Entry

·         Electronic Time Cards/Automated

o        Start and End Time input

o        Hours verification

§         Reports

§         Electronic notification (at time of user punch in/out)

§         Timing (when should Payroll notification occur)

o        Manual entry and corrections

o        Real time operation

o        Conversion of current bar-coded badge system

·         Manual Entry

o        Number of screens involved and efficiency of entry

o        Carry forward of information entered on one screen to the next

o        Check and balances to verify entered information – Reports and/or screen totals

§         Employee totals

§         Dept. totals

§         Batch totals 

Payroll Gross Wage Calculation 

·         Compensation

o        Correctly calculate wages for different shifts and salaried personnel

o        Recognize and calculate shift differentials

§         Different differential within the same pay period

o        Calculate overtime

§         Based on employee’s individual schedule

§         Previous hours worked and type of hours during pay period

·         holidays

·         sick Time

·         vacation

§         Special double time considerations

o        Track Vacation/Holiday/Sick time

§         Vacation

·         Automatic accrual

·         Usage

·         Manual adjustments

·         Checks so that it can not go below zero

§         Holiday

·         General business holidays

·         Floating personal holiday accrual

·         Floating personal holiday usage tracking

§         Track Sick time within the system

§         Maternity/Family leave

·         Mass Wage Updates/Changes

o        Annual percentage increases across the board

§         To select groups

§         All employee’s

o        Holiday pay

·         Pay For Performance

o        Distribution based on company’s financial performance. 

Deductions from Wage 

·         Benefit Plans

o        Company Contributed Benefits

§         Health Insurance

§         Vision Coverage

§         Dental

§         Life Insurance

·         Basic

·         Dependent

·         Optional additional coverage

·         Accidental death and dismemberment

§         Disability Coverage

·         Short-term

·         Long-term

·         Optional long-term

§         Flex Pay (for those that do not elect company sponsored benefits)

§         Tuition reimbursement

§         Parking reimbursement 

o        Employee Contributed Benefits and/or Reimbursement Accounts

§         401k

§         Daycare Reimbursement

§         Health Care Reimbursement 

·         Garnishments – Tax, Child support, Legal, Miscellaneous

o        Entry process

§         Automatically discontinue when fulfilled

o        Tracking

o        Reporting

§         On screen

§         Printable reports

·         Savings bonds

o        Multiple bonds

o        How payroll deducted funds are applied to the bonds 

·         Savings/Checking

·         Miscellaneous

o        Shoes

o        Uniforms

o        United Way

·         Tax

o        State

o        Federal

o        County

o        City 

Payroll Processing

·         Manual Checks

o        Entry

o        Printing

o        Controls

·         Normal Processing by Business Area (location)

o        Timing

§         When should payroll be processed

§         Closing of periods when complete

o        Processing payroll

§         Entered by business area (location) and processed at corporate

§         Steps involved

§         Manual corrections if necessary

§         Checks printed by location (business area) at location

·         By shift

·         By department

·         How to print checks

o        Controls

§         Reconciliation tools within process

·         Error/Warning Reports

o        Checks over $$

o        Multiple to same name 

·         On line options

·         Totals Reports by

o        Overall pay run

o        Department

o        Business Area

o        Company code

Miscellaneous Reporting

·         Online and Hardcopy Reporting

o        Employee information

§         Wage information (current and termed employees)

·         Wage information for a set period

·         YTD wage information

·         Hours paid for and type

o        Vacation

o        Holiday

o        Sick

o        Overtime

·         History of pay increases

·         Select information by cost center

·         Various sort options

·         Quarterly Reporting

o        Samples of reports and processes

·         Annual Reporting

o        Samples of reports and processes (if different than quarterly)

o        W-2’s

§         Processing of

§         Corrections

§         Printing 

Human Resources 

Application Entry

  • Online

o        Through web-based technology

o        Directly into system within controlled screen

o        Confirmation process/everything entered correctly

  • Conversion/transfer to new employee status
  • Conversion of termed employees to new hire/active.

Employee Information

  • Benefit Information

o        Overall Data Entry Issues

      • Number of screens involved
      • Templates to help reduce redundant entry
      • Conversion of past information from termed employees to new hire/active status

o        Tax information

      • W4
        • What if screens
          • View results of tax information changes before committing
          • Ability to convert if acceptable

o        Benefit Plan Options

§         Health Insurance

§         Vision Coverage

§         Dental

§         Life Insurance

·         Basic

·         Dependent

·         Optional additional coverage

·         Accidental death and dismemberment

§         Disability Coverage

·         Short-term

·         Long-term

·         Optional long-term

§         Flex Pay (for those that do not elect company sponsored benefits)

§         401k (when eligible)

§         Daycare Reimbursement

§         Health Care Reimbursement

o        Savings bonds

o        Savings/Checking

·         Employee Deductions

o        Garnishments

§         Tax

§         Child support

§         Legal 

o        Miscellaneous

§         Shoes

§         Uniforms

§         United Way 

·         Position Information

o        Job Title

§         Job description

§         Job code

·         Encoded to show

o        Where they work

o        Hourly or salaried

o        Shift

o        Salary Grade/Schedules

o        Shift

§         Current Shift

§         Rotation

§         Differential 

Reporting/Printed Documents

·         Benefit Reporting

o        Health Insurance

§         Plan premium report (from which payment is made)

§         On screen review

§          Weekly reporting to Prescription Care Services

o        Vision Coverage

§         Plan premium report (from which payment is made)

§         Downloadable to disk (once per month)

o        Dental

§         On screen review

§         Plan premium report

o        401k contribution reporting/payment

o        Service Awards

o        Anniversary Reports

§         Years of service

§         Performance review notices

o        Open Enrollment document showing available benefits for distribution to employees

§         Employee cost (if applicable)

§         If current employee, current coverage selections

o        Confirmation document for distribution to employees

§         Current selections and cost

o        Labels

§         Internal distribution for employee information

·         By shift

·         By department

·         By status

o        Full-time

o        Part-time

o        Temporary

o        All 

·         Government

o        Government Reports

§         New Hire Report

·         Bi-weekly report sent to government for garnishment purposes

§         EEO

o        HIPPA letters

o        COBRA letters 

·         Management/Planning

o        Salary Reports/Planning

§         Planning by salary grades

§         Salary survey reports

o        Supervisory Reporting

§         Ability to provide supervisory and management with detailed employee/payroll information restricted to their area(s) of responsibility

·         Training

o        Conversion of current data

o        Tracking of training received

§         Program, course and class information

§         Cost of training

§         Review of course taken

§         Certification if received

·         Expiration/renewal date if certification need to be renewed

§         History of classes taken

o        Reporting by

§         Individual

§         Cost Center

§         Department

§         Business Area

§         Company


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