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Pre implementation details

1.        Select your project team\management decision makers.

  • Keep the group limited to decision makers that need to be involved.
  • Have your management decision makers in place.

2.        Get your documentation in place.

  • Know what you want to put in.
    • 4.6b implementation cd as a guide
    • Your current documentation of the manual and automated processes.
    • Current payroll/benefit processes/functionality to be replaced.
    • Interfaces that need to be created.
      • Internal and external
  • The time period that needs to be converted.
    • How much history do you want.
  • When you prepare to go live.
    • Don’t get to hung up on the smallest of details.
    • Get your political battles fought during the planning stage.

3.        Training

  • Decide what training is required for each individual member
  • Recommended both gross payroll and net payroll, but net payroll probably relates better for the entry personnel as gross payroll was confusing.

4.        Areas to watch for or consider in our implementation.

  • Company creation date vs. hire date
  • W2’s may need to be tweaked.  Test the format prior to year-end.
  • May need to write check format for fields.
  • Make contact with BSI for tax updates.
  • Bundle legal change packets every three months and they are not an error free process.  Always test through parallel pay runs prior to implementing in Production.
  • The number of states implemented may cause problems in the tax areas with the varying laws.
  • Recommended training on SAP while running in the parallel test environment.
Have your planning done, know what you want to do/implement and get everyone on board.  GO!



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