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SAP Application Service Providers (ASP) 

What is SAP/ASP: ASP stands for application service provider, and it basically refers to a new way of delivering software services to businesses via the Internet. Instead of buying applications and loading them on your company’s machines, and hiring geeky minions and pricey consultants to nurse the system, you let someone else handle the technological and infrastructure headaches—and you pay a lot less in the process. By using ASPs, customers can realize savings of anywhere from thousands of dollars (for a small accounting package like Intuit QuickBooks on a Gateway PC) to tens of millions (for an SAP software suite running on IBM mainframes).. More...

List of SAP/ASP companies

BlueStar Solutions (eOnline, Inc. is now BlueStar)
eOnline, Inc., the leading enterprise application service provider (ASP), today announced the eOnline SAP Installed Base program which targets over 6,000 SAP installed base companies in North America. The offering provides companies currently running SAP solutions in-house with a compelling value proposition. Benefits to the SAP installed base customer include optimizing post-production ROI and IT support for SAP enterprise applications, minimizing IT operation risks, focusing on core business competencies to increase competitiveness, migrating from SAP™ R/3® to; and achieving higher service levels, guaranteed. Long-time SAP customers Autodesk and Solvay are among the first eOnline customers to achieve these benefits.

Qwest Cyber.Solutions LLC, a joint venture between Qwest Communications International Inc. and KPMG LLP, today announced it has been awarded a multi-year contract from SysTECH Inc., a value-added reseller of IT solutions, to deliver a pure applications service provider (ASP) solution for SAP inter-enterprise software solutions. Qwest Cyber.Solutions, a certified SAP applications service provider, will streamline SysTECH’s service and product line operations by remotely managing all elements of the SAP solutions by utilizing the Internet business strategy.

SEAL Consulting
is a premier provider of e-Business, SAP/ERP, application hosting (ASP) and outsourcing services, offering complete project life-cycle management from design through implementation and support. Our solutions and services include: e-Strategy, e-Commerce vendor evaluation and selection, Sell-side and Buy-side solutions for B2B environments (e-Catalog, e-Storefronts, e-Procurement - Direct and MRO), Enterprise Application Integration (middleware products and tools), integration to private and public e-marketplaces (CommerceOne, Ariba,



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