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SAP Script 


Where do you use SAPscript?

  1. Printing forms such as invoices, sales order etc. 
  2. Correspondence (e.g. letter to third party) in SAP applications
  3. Documentation 

Basic principles of layout set

  • Information from the program to the layout must flow through a Data Dictionary Object
  • Window MAIN controls the actual layout set flow.  When the MAIN window is full, a new layout set page is started.

What important  routines are essential to establish a connection between the program and the form?


What comprises a layout set?

  • Header, page, paragraph, character, windows, page-windows, documentation. 

What are the commands used to...

  1. go to a new page – NEW-PAGE
  2. keep similar information together – PROTECT…..ENDPROTECT

As layout sets works with data dictionary objects, can we have variables in the form? 

  • Yes, you can have variables declared in the form using the DEFINE command.

Why should we use ADDRESS….ENDADRESS command for address window?

  • SAP has its own standard routine to print the address based on the country of the address. It follows a set format for the address whether to print certain fields or not to print.

What are ELEMENTS?

  • They are predefined text components which are determined in the layout set definition.  They can be accessed with one name.
  • Elements are related to the window in which they are defined. 
  • Elements have to be called explicitly.  You also have to specify the window.
  • Window MAIN is always the default.

How can we print graphics?

  • Convert graphic file (.TIF) to Standard Text and then call it from the layout set. 

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