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ABAP/4 Keywords 

Keywords Description
, [, ], {, } Syntax conventions, Syntax notation
*, " Comments
** Arithm. Operator: Exponentiation (COMPUTE)
+, -, *, / Arithmetical operators (COMPUTE)
->, =>, ->>, ~, ?= Operators in ABAP Objects
ABS Mathematical function: Absolute amount COMPUTE)
ACOS Mathematical function: Cosine arc (COMPUTE)
ADD-CORRESPONDING Field string addition
ADJACENT DUPLICATES Delete duplicates from internal table (DELETE)
AND Comparison operator: and
ANY TABLE Generic table type for internal tables
APPEND Append line to internaltable
ASIN Mathematical function: Sine arc (COMPUTE)
ASSIGN Assign field symbol
AT Event, control break, field group determination
ATAN Mathematical function: Tangent  arc
AUTHORITY-CHECK Check authorization
AVG Aggregate expression: Average (SELECT)
BACK Positioning in list
BETWEEN Relational operator: Between
BINARY SEARCH Binary read of internaltable (READ TABLE)
  BIT-NOT Bit calculation operator: NOT (COMPUTE)
  BIT-AND Bit calculation operator: AND (COMPUTE)
  BIT-OR Bit calculation operator: OR (COMPUTE)
  BIT-XOR Bit calculation operator: AND/OR (COMPUTE)
  SET BIT Set bit of an X field
  GET BIT Read bit of an X field
BLANK LINES Switch on blank lines in list
BREAK-POINT Stop processing in debug mode
C Data type for fixed-length character string
CA Contains any characters -Relational operator forstring comparison
CALL Call external component
CASE Begin case distinction
CATCH Exception handling (catch runtime errors)
CEIL Mathematical function: Smallest whole value
CENTERED Output format: Centered(WRITE)
CHECK Check condition
CHECKBOX  Display as checkbox
  PARAMETERS ... AS CHECKBOX on the selection screen
  WRITE ... AS CHECKBOX in a list
CLASS Definition of a class
CLASS-DATA Static attributes in classes
CLASS-METHODS Static methods in classes
CLASS-EVENTS Static events in classes
CLASS-POOL Introduction for type Kprograms
CLEAR Initialize data object
CLIENT   Client handling when
  DELETE ... CLIENT SPECIFIED deleting from a database
  EXPORT ... TO DATABASE ... CLIENT Storing a data cluster
  IMPORT ... FROM DATABASE ... CLIENT Reading a data cluster
  EXPORT ... TO SHARED BUFFER ... CLIENT Storing a data cluster
  IMPORT ... FROM SHARED BUFFER ... CLIENT Reading a data cluster
  INSERT ... CLIENT SPECIFIED inserting into a database
  MODIFY ... CLIENT SPECIFIED Insert/Modify in database(s)
  SELECT ... CLIENT SPECIFIED reading from a database
  UPDATE ... CLIENT SPECIFIED updating a database
CLOSE Close file/cursor
CN Contains Not Only - Relational operator for character comparison:
CNT Field groups: Number ofdifferent values
CO Contains Only - Relational operator for character comparison:
CODE PAGE          Character set
  TRANSLATE ... FROM/TOCODE PAGE Translate character codes
COLLECT Internal table: Add entries
COLOR Output format: Color (FORMAT)
COMMENT              Comment on selection screen
COMMIT Close processing unit
COMPUTE Perform calculations
CONCATENATE Concatenate character fields
CONDENSE Condense character fields
CONSTANTS Defing constants
CONTEXTS Communicate contexts
CONTINUE Exit current loop pass
CONTROLS Define controls for visualization
CONVERT Convert fields
COS Mathematical function: Cosine (COMPUTE)
COSH Mathematical function: Hyperbola cosine (COMPUTE)
COUNT Aggregate expression: Count (SELECT)
COUNTRY Set country ID (SET)
CP Relational operator forcharacter comparison:
DATABASE            Contains Pattern
CREATE Generate an object or data object
CS Contains character - Relational operator forcharacter comparison
CURRENCY Output format: Correct format for currency (WRITE)
CURSOR               Cursor
  CLOSE            Close database cursor
  FETCH NEXT CURSOR Read lines with a database cursor
  GET CURSOR FIELD    Get field name
  OPEN CURSOR        Open database cursor
  SET CURSOR        Position cursor
CUSTOMER-FUNCTION  Call customer enhancement
DATA Define data
DATABASE           Data cluster
  DELETE FROM DATABASE    Delete from a database table
  EXPORT ... TO DATABASE    Store in a databasetable
  IMPORT ... FROM DATABASE Read from a database table
DATASET             Sequential file
  CLOSE DATASET      Close file
  DELETE DATASET    Delete file
  EXPORT ... TO DATASET    Store data cluster in file
  IMPORT ... FROM DATASET   Read data cluster from file
  OPEN DATASET    Open file Open file
  READ DATASET    Read from a file
  TRANSFER   Output to a file
DECIMALS Output format: Places after the decimal point - (WRITE)
DEFINE Define macro
DELETE Delete from tables or from objects
DEMAND Request information from a context
DESCRIBE Determine attributes ofdata objects
DIALOG Call a dialog module (CALL)
DISTINCT        Duplicates
  SELECT DISTINCT      Selection set without duplicates
  AVG( DISTINCT ... )    Average without duplicates (SELECT)
  COUNT( DISTINCT ... )    Sequential file
  MAX( DISTINCT ... )  Maximum without duplicates (SELECT)
  MIN( DISTINCT ... )  Minimum without duplicates (SELECT)
  SUM( DISTINCT ... ) Sum without duplicates (SELECT)
DIV Arithmetic operator: Whole number division
DIVIDE-CORRESPONDINGField string division Field string division
DO Loop
DYNPRO               Screen  Screen
  DELETE DYNPRO    Delete Delete
  EXPORT DYNPRO    Export Export
  GENERATE DYNPRO    Generate Generate
  IMPORT DYNPRO    Import  Import
EDITOR-CALL Call editor
ELSE Query
END-OF-DEFINITION End of a macro definition
END-OF-PAGE Event: End of page handling in lists
END-OF-SELECTION Event: After processingof all records in a LDB
ENDAT End of an event introduced by AT
ENDCASE End of case distinction
ENDCATCH End of exception handling
ENDDO End of a DO loop
ENDEXEC End of a Native SQL statement
ENDFORM End of a subroutine
ENDFUNCTION End of a function module
ENDIF End of a query
ENDINTERFACE End of an interface definition
ENDMODULE End of a module definition
ENDON End of a conditional statement
ENDWHILE End of a WHILE loop
EQ Relational operator: Equals
EXEC SQL Native SQL statement
EXIT Exit loop or terminate processing
EXP Mathematical function: Exponential function
EXPONENT Output format: Exponentdisplay (WRITE)
EXPORT Export data
EXTENDED CHECK Switch extended syntax check on/off (SET)
EXTRACT Generate extract dataset
FETCH Read line from a database table
FIELD-GROUPS Define field groups
FIELD-SYMBOLS Define field symbols
FLOOR Mathematical function:Largest whole value
FORM Define subroutine
FORMAT Output format for lists
FOR UPDATE Read database table with lock (SELECT)
FRAC Mathematical function: Fraction (COMPUTE)
FREE Release resources no longer needed
FUNCTION Define function module
  CALL FUNCTION Call function module
FUNCTION-POOL Introduction for type Fprograms
GE Relational operator: Greater than or equal
GENERATE Generate a program or screen
GET Event, read settings
GT Relational operator: Greater than
HASHED TABLE Table type for internalhashed tables
HEADER LINE Define an internal table with header line (DATA)
HELP-ID            Help ID for F1 help
  DESCRIBE FIELD ... HELP-ID  Determine help ID
HELP-REQUEST          Self-programmed help (F1)
  PARAMETERS ... HELP-REQUEST      for parameters
  SELECT-OPTIONS ... HELP-REQUEST  for selection options
HIDE Store line information
HOTSPOT Output format: Hotspot,interaction by simple - mouse click (FORMAT)
ICON Icons in lists
IF Query
IMPORT Import data or a screen
IN Relational operator: Selection criterion
INCLUDE Include program components
INDEX                Line index in an internal table
  DELETE ... INDEX Delete line
  INSERT ... INDEX Insert line
  MODIFY ... INDEX Modify line
  READ TABLE ... INDEX Read line
INFOTYPES Declare HR info type
INITIAL Relational operator: Initial value
INITIAL SIZE Define an internal table type (TYPES)
INITIALIZATION Event: Before display of the selection screen
INPUT Output format: Ready for input (FORMAT)
INSERT Insert into tables or objects
INTENSIFIED Output format: Intensified (FORMAT)
INTERFACE Definition of an interface
INTERFACES Class component interface
INTERFACE-POOL Introduction fortype J programs
INVERSE Output format: Inverse (FORMAT)
IS             Relational operator
  IS ASSIGNED  Relational operator: Is the field symbol assigned?
  IS INITIAL         Relational operator: Initial value
  IS REQUESTED      Relational operator: Existence of a formal
LANGUAGE Set language for text elements (SET)
LE Relational operator: Less than or equal
LEAVE Leave processing
LEFT-JUSTIFIED Output format: Left-justified (WRITE)
LIKE                 Use an existing field as areference
  TYPES ... LIKE Create a type
  DATA ... LIKE Create a field
LINE                  Line in a list
  MODIFY LINE Modify line
  READ LINE         Read line
LINE-COUNT Number of lines per page (NEW-PAGE)
LIST-PROCESSING      List processing (LEAVE)
LOAD Load program componentsin internal table
LOAD-OF-PROGRAM      Execution at load time
LOCAL Rescue actual parameters of a subroutine
LOCAL COPY Assign local copy to a field symbol
LOCALE Set text environment (SET)
   SET LOCALE Set text environment
   GET LOCALE Determine text environment
LOG Mathematical function: Natural logarithm (COMPUTE)
Logical condition
  SELECT ... WHERE     when reading database tables
  UPDATE ... WHERE     when changing database tables
  DELETE ... WHERE     when deleting fromdatabase tables
  SELECT ... FROM ... ON    when reading usinga join
LOG10 Mathematical function: Base 10 logarithm (COMPUTE)
LT Relational operator: Less than
M Relational operator: Byte contains zeros and ones
MARGIN List output: Distance from edge (SET)
MATCHCODE        Matchcode handling
 PARAMETERS ... MATCHCODE      for parameters
  SELECT-OPTIONS ... MATCHCODE  for selection options
MAX Aggregate expression: Maximum (SELECT)
MEMORY                ABAP/4 memory
  EXPORT ... TO MEMORY  Roll out data to memory
  IMPORT ... FROM MEMORY Restore data from memory
MESSAGE Output message
MESSAGE-ID Specify message class (REPORT)
METHOD Definition of a method
METHODS Class component method
MIN Aggregate expression: Minimum (SELECT)
MOD Arithmetic operator: Remainder after division
MODIFY Modify tables or objects
MODULE Flow logic: Module
MOVE Assignment
MOVE-CORRESPONDING   Component-by-component assignment
MULTIPLY-CORRESPONDING Field string multiplication
NA Relational operator forcharacter comparison:
Contains not any characters
NE Relational operator: Not equal
NEW-LINE List processing: New line
NEW-PAGE List processing: New page
NODES Interface work area forlogical databases
NO-GAP Output format: Leave nogaps (WRITE)
NO-HEADING Display no column headers (NEW-PAGE)
NO-SCROLLING Do not scroll line (NEW-LINE)
NO-SIGN Output format: No preceding signs (WRITE)
NO-TITLE Do not display standardpage header (NEW-PAGE)
NO-ZERO Output format: No leading zeros (WRITE)
NON-UNIQUE           Defines an
  TYPES internal table type
  DATA               internal table object
NP Relational operator forcharacter comparison:
Does not contain pattern
NS Relational operator forcharacter comparison:
Does not contain character
O Relational operator: Byte positions occupied by1
OBJECT            External object
  FREE OBJECT   Release
OCCURS   Defines an
  TYPES internal table type
  DATA               internal table object
ON CHANGE Control break
OPEN Open file/cursor
OR Relational operator: OR
ORDER BY Sort table rows (SELECT)
OVERLAY Overlay character fields
PACK Conversion
PARAMETER            Parameter in global SAP memory
  GET Read parameter
  SET Set parameter
PARAMETERS Define report parameters
PERFORM Execute subroutine
PF-STATUS Set GUI status
POSITION List processing: Defineoutput position
PRINT Print formatting (NEW-PAGE)
PRINT-CONTROL Define print format
PRIVATE Class area not visible from outside
PROGRAM Introduction for type Mand S programs
  LEAVE PROGRAM Leave program
PROPERTY             Object property
  GET PROPERTY Get property
  SET PROPERTY Set property
PROVIDE Internal tables: Interval-related processing
PUT Trigger event
RAISE Raise exceptions and events
RAISING Raise error message in function module
RANGES Define internal table for selection criterion
READ Read tables or objects
RECEIVE Receive results (RFC)
REFRESH Delete internal table
REFRESH CONTROL Initialize control
REJECT Do not process current database line further
REPLACE Replace characters
REPORT Introduction for type 1programs
  DELETE REPORT     Delete program
  EDITOR-CALL FOR REPORT    Call ABAP program editor
  INSERT REPORT    Insert program in library
  READ REPORT    Read program
RESERVE List processing: Conditional new page
RESET Output format: Reset all formats (FORMAT)
RIGHT-JUSTIFIED Output format: Right justified (WRITE)
ROLLBACK Roll back database changes
ROUND Output format: Scaled (WRITE)
RTTI Runtime type identification
RUN TIME ANALYZER Activate/Deactivate runtime analysis (SET)
SCAN Analyze ABAP/4 source code
SCREEN        Screen
  CALL SCREEN Call screen
  SET SCREEN Set next screen
  LEAVE SCREEN Leave screen
  LEAVE TO SCREEN Branch to a screen
  LOOP AT SCREEN Loop through screen fields
  MODIFY SCREEN Modify screen fields
SCROLL List processing: Scroll
SCROLL-BOUNDARY      List processing: Fix lead columns (SET)
SEARCH Find character
SELECT Read database table
SELECT-OPTIONS       Define selection criterion
SELECTION-SCREEN Design selection screen
  AT SELECTION-SCREENEvent: After editing ofselection screen
SHARED BUFFER       Cross-transaction application buffer
  DELETE FROM SHARED BUFFER     delete from application buffer
  EXPORT ... TO SHARED BUFFER   Store data in application buffer
  IMPORT ... FROM SHARED BUFFER Read data from application buffer
SET Set different processing parameters
SHIFT Move character
SIGN Mathematical function: Sign (COMPUTE)
SIN Mathematical function: Sine (COMPUTE)
SINGLE Select single record (SELECT)
SINH Mathematical function: Hyperbola  sine (COMPUTE)
SKIP List processing: Outputblank line
SORT Sort internal table or extract dataset
SORTED TABLE Table type for internaltables that are always kept
SPLIT Split character fields
SQRT Mathematical function: Square  root (COMPUTE)
STANDARD TABLE Table type for standardinternal tables
START-OF-SELECTION Event: Before first access to LDB
STATICS Define static data
STOP Stop data selection (LDB)
STRING Data type for variable-length character sequence
STRLEN Character function: Current length (COMPUTE)
STRUCTURE     Data structure
SUBMIT Program call
SUBTRACT-CORRESPONDING Field string subtraction
SUM Calculate control total
  SELECT ... SUM Aggregate expression: Total
SUPPLY Supply context key fields
SUPPRESS DIALOG Suppress dialog
SYMBOL Output as symbol (WRITE)
SYNTAX-CHECK Syntax check for programs and screens
SYNTAX-TRACE Syntax check log
SYSTEM-CALL Call to various system services
SYSTEM-EXCEPTIONS    Catch runtime errors (CATCH)
TABLE LINE           Unstructured lines in internal tables
TABLE_LINE           Unstructured lines in internal tables
TABLES Declare database table
TABLE                Set or array operations for database tables
  DELETE ... FROM TABLE Delete block of lines
  INSERT ... FROM TABLE Insert block of lines
  MODIFY ... FROM TABLE Insert/update block of lines
  UPDATE ... FROM TABLE Update block of lines
  SELECT ... INTO TABLE Copy block of lines to internal table
TAN Mathematical function: Tangent (COMPUTE)
TANH Mathematical function: Hyperbola tangent (COMPUTE)
TEXT  Locale-specific
  CONVERT TEXT Set format
  SORT itab AS TEXT Sort an internal table
  SORT AS TEXT Sort an extract dataset
TEXTPOOL             Text elements
TIME                 Time measurement
  GET RUN TIME Get runtime
  GET TIME Get time
  SET RUN TIME ANALYZER Switch runtime analysison/off
TIME STAMP           Time stamp
  GET TIME STAMP Get time stamp
  CONVERT TIME STAMP Convert time stamps to date/time
  WRITE f TIME ZONE Output of time stamps to lists
TITLEBAR Set screen title (SET)
TOP-OF-PAGE Event: Top of page handling in lists
TRANSACTION          SAP transaction
TRANSFER Output to file
TRANSLATE Character conversion incharacter fields
TRANSPORTING   Selective field transport
  MODIFY ... TRANSPORTING Modify lines of an internal table
  READ   ... TRANSPORTING Read lines of an internal table
  LOOP   ... TRANSPORTING Loop through an internal table
TRUNC Mathematical function: Whole  number part (COMPUTE)
TYPE                 Define a type
  TYPES ... TYPE Define a type
  DATA ... TYPE Define a field
TYPE-POOL Introduction for type Tprograms
TYPE-POOLS Include type group
TYPES Define types
ULINE List processing: Underscore
UNDER Output format: One under the other (WRITE)
UNIQUE       Define an
  TYPES internal table type
 DATA               internal table object
UNIT Output format: Unit (WRITE)
UNPACK Conversion
UPDATE Update database table
USER-COMMAND List processing: Execute command immediately (SET)
USING                Use parameter or format
  USING              Parameter of a subroutine
  USING EDIT MASK Output format: Use template (WRITE)
VALUE-REQUEST        Self-programmed value help(F4)
  PARAMETERS ... VALUE-REQUEST      for parameters
  SELECT-OPTIONS ... VALUE-REQUEST  for selection options
WHEN Case distinction
  SELECT ... WHERE  when reading from databasetables
  UPDATE ... WHERE   when changing database tables
  DELETE ... WHERE  when deleting database tables
  LOOP AT ... WHERE when looping at internal tables
  DELETE ... WHERE   when deleting from internal tables
WINDOW List processing: Outputin window
WITH-TITLE Output standard page header (NEW-PAGE)
WORK                 Processing unit
  COMMIT WORK Close unit
  ROLLBACK WORK Close unit, but undo changes
WRITE List processing: Output
WRITE TO Correct type output in a variable
X Data type for fixed-length byte sequence
XSTRING Data type for variable-length byte sequence
Z Relational bit operator: Bit positions occupiedby


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