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ULK9 (transfer Payroll results)

ULK9 is a Schema used to run RPCALCU0 to transfer payroll result data from non-SAP system to SAP. There are three tables that you need to maintain: T558B, T558C, and T5U8C.

Tables T558B and T558C are used to transfer payroll results from old systems. Specify the payroll periods and special payroll runs in table T558B for each personnel number for which results are to be transferred. When you start the payroll driver the system ignores the period specified on the selection screen and instead reads table T558B to form the payroll periods.

Define tax/arrears table: T5U8C table is designed to hold tax and arrear related information. The table type column indicates the record type, 'T' for tax and 'A' for arrear.

Define wage type table: T558C table is designed to hold the regular wage type information. For each payroll period defined in T558B, you should create corresponding wage type entries in T558C. PerNo and Seqce fields must match the value defined in T558B table.

Define period table: Each regular payroll period or bonus run must have a unique sequence number chronologically defined. For "bonus accounting" payroll type (PayTy 'A'), the only remaining required field is the PayDate field indicating the date of the bonus run. For a regular payroll run (PayTy ' '), entries must be made in P.mod, P.yr, P.per (assign payroll periods from T549Q), Start and End fields.

After all the data is loaded in the corresponding tables, the next step is to run RPCALCU0 with schema ULK9. Successful execution of RPCALCU0 or payroll will result in creation of cluster data for the selected period. If you are moving to SAP in between a calendar year, the above process has to be implemented to bring YTD information that will be later used for W2 printing.

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