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USER EXIT  (SAP Enhancement)

User exit is a functionality provided by SAP to add custom validation or enhancements to existing SAP transaction. Every module pool has customer function FORM  in PBO and PAI. This form is basically a function that has an INCLUDE object, for eg. INCLUDE ZXPADU01. User can include enhancements or source code, that will be triggered during execution of this transaction.

For eg. all HR infotype program (module pool) starts with the name MPnnnnnn. So infotype 0001 module pool name will be MP000000. Search for string 'customer_function' and you will find two FORM under each module pool. PERFORM customer_function_pbo(sapfp50m) and PERFORM customer_function_pai(sapfp50m). Place your cursor on 'customer_function' and double click.  It will take you to 'FORM customer_function_pbo'. In this form you should see a CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '001' function module. Double click on '001' and you can see SAP has provided an INCLUDE object, for eg. INCLUDE ZXPADU01.  You can add your logic in this object ZXPADU01 and at runtime when you enter data in the respective infotype for eg. 0000, the validation included in the object will be executed.

Execute transaction CMOD to define Project that contains User Exit. 

Here is an example of HR Benefit  USER EXIT:

Enter Project name, for eg. ZBEN0003, select option 'Enhancement assignment' and enter for eg. PBEN0003 (name of SAP enhancement object).  Click on 'Components' button and the screen will display 'EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_003'. Double click on this object and it will take you to FUNCTION EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_003. There will be an INCLUDE object starting with name 'Z' in this function module that you can update with your custom logic.


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